Bringing Back 97’

There’s nothing more 90’s than baggy rugby shirts, bleached blonde hair and a length of the field try by Christian Cullen. Nostalgic to say the least for most New Zealand rugby fans, and that's exactly what we’ve tapped into when making the heritage jersey launch for our mates at The Hurricanes.
It’s hard to think of a more meaningful piece that we’ve created with the Hurricanes team than this. The relaunch of a heritage jersey means more than an exciting strip for fans to purchase online, it’s a callback to the good old days, better times, the ‘heyday’ of Super Rugby.
A not so distant past that diehard rugby fans deeply miss, etched into New Zealand history by the legends that donned this exact jersey.
Shot in multiple locations across Wellington, our ad starts at the longest standing home of the Hurricanes, Rugby League Park in Newtown. Home to the club for over 20 years, it’s fair to say the facility is currently humble at best.
This worked into our favour however, utilising the grungy space for our opening shots initially from the ‘90’s throwback’ with the father and son duo, and additionally with our reveal scene with Christian Cullen.
The passing of the jersey between Christian and modern day 15, Ruben Love visualises the passing of the time, and the handover of the infamous 97’ strip from the past team to present.