Social Content Retainer

For F45, we started our consistent monthly content strategy with some awareness based pieces with the intention of humanising the gym. Known globally as an intense, demanding work out routine for only the elite fitness types, we wanted to squash this theory with the community in Palmerston North, where this franchise is based.

Studio update

We started with two types of videos that we’re running one each a month. One of them is what we call a ‘Studio Update’. This is a one on one interview with the owners of the franchise, and getting them to let us into their personal and professional lives to really get an understand of where the need and want for the gym originated.

For this franchises this was especially clear with the owners being world class sportsman in their prime. George as a try scoring All Black and Kayla as well renowned New Zealand Women's Hockey player (and player of the year). With this sort of resume, it was clear that the couple wanted to be able to keep the sporting dream alive and provide a resource for others to get game fit and to pursue their sporting or fitness goals.

Customer spotlight

Of course F45 isn’t just for athletes, which is where our second video format came into play. The ‘Customer Spotlight’ series was an instant hit on the social channels as we interviews actual gym members and were given a deep dive into their personal lives, figured out why F45 was the gym for them and where it fits into the schedule of an adult. This captured the attention of a lot of interest in the gym as every base was covered in our series. We started with a young woman in a receptionist job and progressed through to a mother and father of 5 kids, whos still have time to work out.

Throughout these video series we were able to make the F45 community not look intimidating or extreme, yet a place where all people and body types could come and relate with one another on something as simple as exercise and health.


F45 result graph

Our video for F45 resulted in an increased view count, reach and post engagement above their previous highest performing video. Not only did our video engage far more people, but we're particularly proud of achieving 63% more views, relative to the post reach. This means that our video reached more users, and also engaged almost two-thirds of everyone scrolling through their feed compared to only 30% on previous videos.